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Physiotherapy in Richmond Hill

Are you suffering from pain, stiffness, or injury that affects your mobility and quality of life?
Do you want to recover faster and prevent further problems?
If so, you should consider physiotherapy, a natural and effective way to treat various musculoskeletal and sports-related conditions.
And if you are looking for good physiotherapy in Richmond Hill, you should visit Physio2Health, a clinic that offers personalized and professional care for your physical health needs.

Physio2Health is more than just a physiotherapy clinic. It is a place where you can receive holistic and compassionate care for your physical well-being.
Trust Physio2Health for your physiotherapy needs in Richmond Hill. You will be glad you did!

Physio2Health offers physiotherapy in Richmond Hill and is committed to providing you with the highest quality of care for your orthopedic and sports injury physiotherapy needs.

Physiotherapy can relieve your pain, speed your healing and increase your mobility! 

Why suffer aches, pains and sore muscles when our registered physiotherapists can target your specific condition and get you back on the road to pain-free living with your first treatment?

Imagine yourself walking, running and doing your favourite activities, all without pain or stiffness. Explore some of the most common conditions treated with physiotherapy and start feeling better today!

Our focus is on providing you with the highest quality of care through individually designed physiotherapy plans to help you achieve your optimum wellness and quality of life.

Stop The Pain


shockwave theraphy

Shockwave therapy or extracorporeal shock therapy is a technique that we utilize that uses high-energy sound waves to help heal tissues. 

Chiropractic healthcare is a regulated health profession providing an evidence-based, non-invasive, hands-on technique that focuses on the musculoskeletal and nervous systems.

physiotherapy in richmond hill



Imagine Yourself Walking, Running And Doing Your Favourite Activities, All Without Pain Or Stiffness. For All These Years, We Have Been Trying Our Best To Make This Dream Of Yours Come True.

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Did You Know Chiropractic Care…

  • Boosts Brain Function
  • It’s Great For Pregnant Women
  • Over 1 Million Adjustments Occur Each Day
  • It’s More Than Back Pain
  • Chiropractors Are Doctor’s


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Acupuncture Is All About Helping Your Body Heal Itself. Tapping Into What Chinese Medicine Calls The “Meridians” And Points That Help Stimulate Healing.

It’s A Beautiful Thing.

We’re Grateful To Be Here As A Facilitator…

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If you are looking for a non-invasive, safe, and effective way to relieve your pain and recover from a condition, you may be an ideal candidate for laser therapy.

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Did you know shockwave therapy stimulates the body’s self-healing mechanisms?
Shockwave therapy is an effective way of helping to generate the body’s self-healing mechanisms.

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physiotherapy in richmond hill

physiotherapy Richmond Hill

Taking a Team Approach to Promoting Peak Performance and Overall Well-Being

At Physio2Health Clinic, our physical therapists and athletic trainers don’t just treat injuries; they use the latest diagnostic techniques, therapies and research to enhance performance, prevent injuries and promote long-term health.

Personalized Sport Therapy Treatment Plans to Help Athletes Return to the Playing Fields Faster

Our sport physical therapists have extensive experience in rehabilitating all conditions, whether caused by wear and tear, an unrelated health event, or a severe athletic injury.

Vernon Luong
Vernon Luong
When I called in for my bad back, I was easily booked in for the next day. I explained to Angela how I had hurt my back trying to do deadlifts at the gym. She offered me shock therapy and gave me exercises to do at home. I will definitely be going back :)
Faramarz Kord
Faramarz Kord
Professional services.
Foroozan Saheli
Foroozan Saheli
Angela is the nicest and the most professional physiotherapist. Love the place and great services. It’s a must if you are looking for a physiotherapist.
Ali Hatami
Ali Hatami
Excellent treatment, friendly physiotherapist, much higher than my expectations.
Janan Jamei
Janan Jamei
I love the place, and they provide great service. My boyfriend got unbelievable results only after 2 sessions. Highly recommend, you wont be disappointed!
Ak Esk
Ak Esk
I have been there for my back pain which I had for two years! She could manage it very well and now I don't have any pain just by a month going there, once a week . Thanks I really appreciate it.
Peña Mora
Peña Mora
Ángela is the best physiotherapist I’ve met! She is very professional and lovely. She really knows how to treat her clients, highly effective. I would recommend her to everyone!!
daniella adam
daniella adam
i just recently started acupuncture with Angela, & i already have received great results. Angela is incredibly sweet & gentle, I recommend going to her for physio! she’s absolutely amazing.
Nayeli Pena
Nayeli Pena
Angela is amazing. Absolutely amazing, I would recommend her to anyone & everyone. She’s very professional & passionate about her work which makes seeing her delightful & highly effective.
David MacDonald
David MacDonald
I can't recommend Angela enough for physiotherapy,! I have had a couple of instances of very painful pinched nerves in my neck and back, and each time over the course of a few sessions she has helped relax the muscles and ease the pain. Angela is a very patient and caring person who helps by explaining the science of how muscles and nerves work together. You come away feeling you are in very capable hands. 100%, I would recommend her and will keep coming back myself!

Laser Therapy

Laser Therapy is a non-invasive, painless treatment which uses focused light at specific wavelengths to speed up the healing process and reduce or eliminate pain from injuries and chronic conditions.

Laser therapy is a well-studied method to eliminate chronic and acute pain.
This non-invasive application aims to deliver light energy to tissue needing treatment, reducing pain and increasing circulation.

Super pulsed laser technology by Multi Radiance provides a safe and effective mechanism of energy delivery, combining three clinically proven light wavelengths for optimal tissue penetration:

Red light at 660 nanometers, infrared light at 875 nanometers, and super pulsed laser at 905 nanometers.

The super-pulsed laser provides high-powered light in hundred-billionths-of-a-second pulses to drive photons deep into the tissue without any harmful thermal effects.

A total of 25 Watts of power is generated at the peak of the pulse, creating high energy density. In addition, the energy delivered at 905 nanometers is most efficiently absorbed by hemoglobin in the blood.

More hemoglobin with increased blood circulation means more oxygen supplied to the cells.

This creates a beneficial systemic effect throughout the body.

Globally, Multi Radiance technology is utilized to treat a broad range of conditions and has approvals and clearances in the US, Canada, Australia and Europe.

physiotherapy Richmond Hill
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physiotherapy in Richmond Hill
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laser therapy

Benefits of physiotherapy

1. Pain reduction

Physio2Health  helps reduce pain. Physiotherapy in many orthopedic problems such as frozen shoulder, arthritis, tendonitis, muscle tears, sprains, and many other cases uses ultrasound, electrotherapy, IFT, wax bath and exercise therapy. Manual treatments and mobilization help to reduce pain.

2. Stiffness after fracture

Sometimes fractures after cast removal or after surgery cause limitation of joint movement.

Physio2Health  helps improve joint range of motion, strengthen weak muscles, and prepare them for daily activities.

3. Physiotherapy instead of surgery

There are certain conditions that some patients need surgery, but the treatment can be done with physiotherapy instead. This helps reduce post-surgical complications and is more economical.

4. Help with surgery

In various surgeries, it is necessary to strengthen the muscles before the surgery, and supporting the forces helps the patients to recover faster.

These surgeries include knee replacement, spine surgery, hip replacement, joint capsule release in a frozen shoulder, and ligament repair surgery.

5. Physiotherapy after stroke

Performing 3 to 4 months of physiotherapy can eliminate the effects of a stroke on the organs. With the help of proper exercises, the patient can recover completely.

6. Sports injuries

A physiotherapist can help heal sports injuries. Each specific sports injury has its own trained sports therapist.

On the playing field, a physiotherapist helps players perform at their best in the game and helps them recover if they are injured.

7. Reducing the risk of falling

A physical therapist can teach balance exercises and help strengthen muscles, improving balance and preventing falls.

8. Diabetes control

Physio2Health  can also help control diabetes. Physical activity and diet adjustment can prevent type 2 diabetes.

A physiotherapist can help the patient perform the best exercises for weight control, which is beneficial for controlling diabetes.

9. Control of heart diseases

Physiotherapist plays an essential role in the period after coronary artery bypass surgery. They help to clear lung secretions and also increase the mobility of patients.

They train the patient to strengthen the heart, help improve the bounce factor and prepare a complete program for cardiovascular rehabilitation.

10. Physiotherapy in the intensive care unit

Physiotherapy plays a vital role for people who are connected to a ventilator. Chest physiotherapy is needed to remove congestion in the lungs of these people.

Physiotherapy of the limbs is necessary for patients who have remained immobile in the intensive care unit.

The physiotherapist helps the patient by teaching them how to walk.

They help care for patients’ backs and prevent them from getting bedsores.

11. Control of pulmonary diseases

Physiotherapy can effectively treat many diseases, such as bronchitis, emphysema, chronic dilatation of bronchial tubes and asthma.

Chest physiotherapy helps drain lung secretions. This type of physiotherapy drains phlegm from the lungs and relieves chest congestion. Breathing exercises open the lungs.

12. Women’s health

Physiotherapy can be helpful before and after the birth of a baby.

Physiotherapists conduct prenatal classes in which women’s and babies health are considered.

Physiotherapy also helps make labour easier. The physiotherapist can also help the mother during labour pains and postpartum.

The postpartum period is associated with many problems, such as back pain, neck pain and lower back pain caused by radiculopathy.

The physiotherapist teaches correct posture and helps reduce pain; It can also help the mother during breastfeeding.

They teach the positions that the mother’s body should have to prevent neck pain and back pain while breastfeeding the baby.

Are you sick of being in Pain? Our amazing team will get you moving pain free!

No matter what the reason, you are our priority and we are committed to helping you feeling and living better!