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Relax this season, and get in for a massage!

Massage Therapy in Richmond Hill

End your week off with a relaxing, deep tissue or sports massage.

Did you know that massage therapy affects the body’s systems, benefiting the muscular, skeletal, digestive, elimination, respiratory, circulatory, lymphatic, endocrine, and nervous systems?!

During a massage therapy treatment, the therapist will often identify trigger points and focus on releasing these areas.
Trigger points are sore, painful, hyper-irritable sports within the bands of muscle tissue(also called knots).

These knots are sensitive and, when pressure is applied, may refer pan to a different part of your body.
During trigger points release, you may experience discomfort and relief throughout the massage.

After your massage, you may feel tired and sore for a day or two, although some people experience immediate relief.
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Regarding health and safety, "we've got your back!"

Did you know we stagger practitioner appointments with a minimum of 15 minutes apart to allow for social distancing and a smooth traffic flow, as well as to provide each practitioner time to change the linen and sanitize treatment rooms?

…And sometimes grab a snack so we can stay energized and provide you with the best possible treatment.
We take your safety concerns seriously and will always ensure a clean, healthy, calm environment.
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You can also call us at (905) 392-7000 or email physio2health2022@gmail.com.
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Vernon Luong
Vernon Luong
When I called in for my bad back, I was easily booked in for the next day. I explained to Angela how I had hurt my back trying to do deadlifts at the gym. She offered me shock therapy and gave me exercises to do at home. I will definitely be going back 🙂
Faramarz Kord
Faramarz Kord
Professional services.
Foroozan Saheli
Foroozan Saheli
Angela is the nicest and the most professional physiotherapist. Love the place and great services. It’s a must if you are looking for a physiotherapist.
Ali Hatami
Ali Hatami
Excellent treatment, friendly physiotherapist, much higher than my expectations.
Janan Jamei
Janan Jamei
I love the place, and they provide great service. My boyfriend got unbelievable results only after 2 sessions. Highly recommend, you wont be disappointed!
Ak Esk
Ak Esk
I have been there for my back pain which I had for two years! She could manage it very well and now I don't have any pain just by a month going there, once a week . Thanks I really appreciate it.
Peña Mora
Peña Mora
Ángela is the best physiotherapist I’ve met! She is very professional and lovely. She really knows how to treat her clients, highly effective. I would recommend her to everyone!!
daniella adam
daniella adam
i just recently started acupuncture with Angela, & i already have received great results. Angela is incredibly sweet & gentle, I recommend going to her for physio! she’s absolutely amazing.
Nayeli Pena
Nayeli Pena
Angela is amazing. Absolutely amazing, I would recommend her to anyone & everyone. She’s very professional & passionate about her work which makes seeing her delightful & highly effective.
David MacDonald
David MacDonald
I can't recommend Angela enough for physiotherapy,! I have had a couple of instances of very painful pinched nerves in my neck and back, and each time over the course of a few sessions she has helped relax the muscles and ease the pain. Angela is a very patient and caring person who helps by explaining the science of how muscles and nerves work together. You come away feeling you are in very capable hands. 100%, I would recommend her and will keep coming back myself!

What is Massage Therapy

Benefits of massage therapy

One of the main reasons people seek out massage therapy is to seek pain relief. Most people call with a kink in their neck pain in their lower back overuse injuries. These are things we see typically but a lot of times people aren’t sure whether massage is something that can help with that.

Massage therapists are health professionals but they are not doctors, and they’re not physical therapists. They do not diagnose anything, and diagnosis always helps us know how to treat you better.

Medical Massage

A medical massage is specifically catered to your body’s unique needs and is designed to facilitate healing. Spa massages may be helpful for stress relief or minor aches and pains, but won’t address serious underlying conditions like car accident injuries. Medical massage is typically used in conjunction with other forms of therapy, such as chiropractic adjustments.

Massage Therapists

Demand is growing for medical massage therapists in healthcare. Clinical massage therapists are becoming more crucial to physicians, physical therapists, chiropractors, and athletic trainers.

A skilled massage therapist incorporating massage techniques for specific anatomical and physiological considerations can create better health outcomes and improve the patient experience.

We have a massage therapy section that helps people achieve pain-free movement through expert care and client education.
We help you that getting your results is best accomplished when you participate. We ask lots of questions to get to the root cause of your pain and then develop a plan to help you get well.

We want the public to know that massage therapy is and always should be about health and well-being in a safe environment. You should always receive respect, courtesy, professionalism, confidentiality and dignity when you visit a massage therapist.

And you always have the right to stop a massage and report anything you feel is inappropriate during the massage. Massage is good medicine, and it has many health benefits.

If you see your doctor ahead of time before coming in, it gives us a clear idea of how to get you the best treatment for your injury. If you do not have the time to see your doctor before your appointment, it’s always a great idea to call ahead of time to ask if it is appropriate for you.

You can always get a consultation with our therapists before your appointment.

massage therapy

Health Benefits of Massage Therapy

Massage therapy has been practiced in some form for thousands of years today. Massage therapy remains a popular way to relieve various bodily ailments or to ease the burden of daily wear and tear.
Many people use massage just to get an hour of relaxation. In our office, we often will see various populations with musculoskeletal injuries. These could be high-performance athletes, recreational athletes, weekend warriors, or individuals who work in an office setting that suffer from muscle and joint pain. We think it’s important you see your physician to ensure that you receive a proper diagnosis and appropriate treatment recommendations can be made accordingly.

massage therapy

Massage therapy can be one of those treatments that can be very helpful in the recovery and management of injuries. Massage therapy is the most utilized paramedical extended health benefit behind only dental and vision care, with over 50% using it to treat a diagnosed condition or injury.

Some massage therapy can help people in many ways; you know it can be a great solution for people just for their bodies. It can be for relaxation; it can be for people that are you know dealing with maybe a chronic condition as somebody that has had you know many ailments over the years athletes you know that have sustained injuries people that suffer from chronic pain may be headaches low back pain sciatic pain that type of thing you see many massage therapists now working specifically with multiple sclerosis or Parkinson’s lupus.

You know some autoimmune conditions because there are many benefits to Massage Therapy around those types of diseases; You know massage can help just for the average person that’s maybe struggling with sleep deprivation.

When selecting a massage clinic, it is important to choose a facility with properly trained therapists who will listen to your specific needs, familiarize yourself with the services and amenities available and do your best to match a prospective clay with your own needs.

Ask yourself this are you looking for a spa-like environment, or would you be more comfortable in a clinical setting.

It’s important to ensure that the registered massage therapist has completed the program at a recognized school, for two to three years. They have passed an exam that would meet specific professional requirements.
Furthermore, they should be participating in continuing education regularly.

You should also ensure that your massage therapist understands your goals and expectations from the session to receive the appropriate treatment. Your extended plan may cover massage therapy and may offer direct billing be.

Sure ask your insurance provider and your clinic before you book your appointment. If direct billing is not available, make sure you can pay at the time of service and contact your provider for reimbursement.

Massage therapy can be beneficial in the long term. It can help improve the range of motion around certain joints, improving flexibility, which can help prevent and treat injuries. We find it as an adjunct to a healthy lifestyle.

Further, we find it can help promote relaxation, manage stress and anxiety, and improve circulation.
Massage therapy can be very beneficial for soft tissue and joint injuries. It can also help manage stress and anxiety as well as sleep. Problems can improve circulation and help with preventing and treating sports injuries. You must see
your physician ensure that you receive a proper diagnosis, but we often recommend massage therapy as part of a treatment.

Are you sick of being in Pain? Our amazing team will get you moving pain free!

No matter what the reason, you are our priority and we are committed to helping you feel better and live better!